Siebel Adapter config problem

Iam trying to configure the Siebel Adapter6.0 in the IS server 6.1. The parameters, which I have given to configure the Siebel Adapter, are correct. But when i try to enable the connection iam getting the following error.
“threw a SiebelException: code(4102), msg(Could not open a session in 4 attempts. {1}”

Any one faced this issue before. Iam trying to connect to Siebel 7.5.3.

Thanks in Advance

This message is telling us that there is something wrong with the connection parameters.

Gateway server :
SiebelEnterprise : SiebEntTest1
Object manager : eConsumerSectorObjMgr_enu
Sibel server : SiebAppDev1
Repository Context : Unite_ENU.srf
Language : ENU
User Name : GERMANY
Password : FROG

These are the parameters iam giving in the screen.

Based in the URL the Client is using to access the Siebel application i have got these paramters from eapps_sia.cfg. So the parameters are perfectly correct.

  1. Do we needs to mention the Port no in the Gateway Server?
  2. When do we go for the Transport as HTTP?

Becos if with the same parameters & add HTTP as the trasport iam getting a different error like this.

threw a SiebelException: code(8236), msg(Hello Request 1 on connection 0 was abondoned after 600153 ms because it timed out.

Any Idea why will this occur.

I have copied the SiebelJI.jsr & Siebel_enu.jar into the wmSiebelAdapter/code/jar directory. I have give required paramters as mentioned above in the Configuration paramter of the Siebel Adapter. While i enable that connection iam getting the above mentioned error.

  1. Do i need to configure some thing in the Siebel server side for JAVA data bean to work.
  2. Do i need to instal some thing in the Siebel side for Object Interface.

For Repository Context we use “Siebel Repository”.

I tried that option also it is not working. kindly tell me if some installation or configuration needs to be done at the Siebel server or not

No, there should be nothing you need to do on the Siebel server end.


This seems to happen when the machine where the adapter is installed is not able to perform address translation. To solve this issue i suggest you specify the IP address of the machine running the siebel gateway server, instead of providing the name name of the gateway server when configuring the connection in the IS servr User interface.

for additinal information please refer to the siebel supprot web site Service Request #: 38-1240365650

Hope this helps.

  • Naren

Use the generic name of Siebel repository instead of name of repository file.

Hi Naren ,
Thanks for your reply. I have given the IP of the gateway server only.For ur ref i have listed all the paramters in my previos posting above.
Do i needs to give the IP address for the Enterprse server & Siebel Server instead of name.

What do mean by generic name of Siebel Repository.Is there ant default name for this.pls give me some more idea.

What is this Java Data Bean (Siebel Thin client). I think this is a installable at the Siebel server side. Is it necessary that this needs to be installed in the Siebel Server.

While configuring the Siebel adapter, i choose Java data bean, does it means that the Jars files like SiebelJI.jar & Siebel_enu.jar call the API exposed by this installer in the Siebel server to invoke the functions.

How is the Object manager choosed. Becos every application running in Siebel have different object manager for different purpose. Do i need to use the Objectmanager used by my specify application which iam using or the generic EAIObjMgr_enu or SccObjMgr_enu can be used.

If you have chosen the connection type to be of Java thin client then the adpter will use siebel’s Java data Bean(JDB) to talk to the siebel server and hence requires

SiebelJI_Common.jar & Siebel_enu.jar in the …\packages\WmSiebelAdapter\code\jars directory. you can obtain these from the siebel server administrator. You also need to make sure that you are using the same version of the JDB jar files as the server you are connecting to. For examplem, if you are connecting to siebel 7.5.3. you need to get the JDB jar files that come with siebel 7.5.3 server.

Gateway server is the only one that i suggest you use the IP address of the machine where the siebel server is running. Other parameters such as enterprise server, object manager, and siebel server information can be obtained from your siebel server administrator.

About the object manager, you need to provide the name of the object manager that your server is running, for example if your Siebel server is running the call center center object manager, then you need to specify “sccobjmrg_enu”, if you are running siebel sales, then you would specify “sseobjmgr_enu”.

Hope this helps.


Were you able to solve this problem ? Even i am facing the same problem .