Shutdown webmethods server Immediately

I am trying to shutdown our integration server through a java program, i am able to shutdown the server but its shutting down only after 10 min, is there anyway i can set a parameter to shut the server immediately?? i have used the service wm.server.admin:shutdown.
Thanks in advance

HI Venkat

If your OS is Solaris easiest way is to get the process id running on the port 5555, and kill it (assuming you are using the default port)

Note: By killing the process you may loose some data.


I don’t think you can get pid dynamically everytime (easily), atleast not that I know of…

I tried attempting usign the shutdown service in my last project and I was able to shutdown successfully shutdown/restart IS from one box to another.

If you are using wm.server.admin:shutdown, add the variable “option” to your input pipeline and set it to “force”

Have you tried the Igor Androsov’s utility “wMShutdown For IS 6.x” found in the Software section of wMUsers?

Thank you everybody for your help, i was able to make the program work, i used the service wm.server.admin:shutdown but also passed parameters as bounce=N,option=I,timeout=0.
Thank you