Shutdown and restart web methods schedule task automatically

I have been googling to find out how to shut down and start a scheduled task automatically on a daily basis. Currently I have been required to manually shut it down at night and restart it early in the morning 7 days a week since maintenace is required on other servers. 2 web methods servers are clustered. I am not familiar with web methods or any of it’s features but there has to be another option. Please let there be another option. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

I’m unsure if you talk about OS Administrator task of start/shutdown the whole IS on a schedule manner, or if you talk about schedule “taks” on IS.

For the first one, if you are under Unix take a look to “man at” , you can shutdown IS sending a kill signal to JVM process or invoking shutdown service.

For the second one you can take a look at scheduler manual.

If the time of the daily outage is consistent, change the tasks to use a complex schedule to specify running at the desired times.

Another approach is to schedule another task–this task will turn off and on the other tasks. You’d write a service (or 2) that would be run a specific time to turn on/off the others. Refer to the docs for the services you can use to do the suspend/resume.

Really appreciate the responses so far (I am seeing a glimmer of hope for sleep) and apologies for not making myself clearer. I am trying to automate the shutdown and restart of the task daily via the webmethods web interface administrator screen not in the windows console. The complex schedule sounds interesting b/c I would like to do it within the webmethods application. Right now I don’t have access to the stage webmethods box and don’t want to get familiar with this on the production box. It appears that web methods 6.5 is installed. Would this be possible with this version and is there an advantage to have simple interval tasks versus the complex repeating tasks?

Yes, complex tasks can be defined on 6.5.

Simple interval tasks just indicate “run every X seconds.”

Complex tasks define exactly when a task is to be run, and there is flexibility in doing so.

I had to preform a similar task to free up available jvm memory for developers. There’s two solution to this.

  1. Set up a cron job to kill the process and then restart the server. Write a script for the cronjob to call.
  2. Create a simple flow service that calls “wm.server.admin:shutdown” and pass “yes” into the “bounce” service in variable. Then setup a scheduled task to invoke you flow service at the times you wish to bounce your server.

I’d sit by and watch the task work your first time just to make sure.

If I understand well, you wanna make teh schesuler services automated by external tools like java etc… so you can make a java program to call
pub.scheduler:resumeTask service and then schedule this java code at any particular time

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