shutdown and restart (script or service )

Hi, i want add instructions in shutdown integration server (and restart too).
exemple 1, i need check if JMS Q is empty before complete the shutdown…
exemple 2, send an email if the Q broker is not empty.

I will like add a flow service contain my new instructions can run while the integration server shutdown (and differents instructions when it restart).

Does it have a build-in solution in WebMethod ?

I don’t want to add my new instructions at the reload package time.

I read about the EVENT but i don’t find a Event corresponding to my needs.



Unfortunately there is no ready made tool for the same. However you have a way of doing this but i wouldn’t recommend it directly. You will have to get access to the WmRoot package where the actual webMethods IS shutdown is listed.

Now build a custom DSP page which calls a service which calls the webMethods IS shutdown is listed under the root folder and all the other elements that you feel are needed.

Next time you want to shutdown the server call that DSP page.

Hope this helps.