Shell-Rule not displaying correctly after deploying CAF-Portlet to target server via Deployer


when deploying a CAF-Portlet from MWS to another MWS using Deployer, the deployed Shell-Rule is not displaying the assigned shell correctly.

We have selected the shell, the shell parts as well as the rules together with the portlet in one deployment set.
The shell rule is triggering on the portlet (isDescendantOf) and the start page rule is triggering on the role membership of the user logging in.

On source server the Portlet ist displaying correctly.

Additionally we noticed that the alias seems to not working correctly when addressed via websso junction with the same name.
Error message is “context not found”.

Were there any changes from 9.5 to 9.12 in this context?

We have used this scenario on 9.5 (with another, but similar Portlet) where it works.
But I am not sure if this will work on wM 9.12 as we do not have the migration completed for this part.


Additional informations:

Looks like it is not depending on the type of condition.
We are currently testing the next part of our application with same outcome, but the shell rule has a condition with several OR-joined user.roleMembershipDN matchers.
StartPage-Rule and Skin-Rule with the same condition are working correctly.

More interesting: The Portlet I referred to in the topic starter is working on the QA instance now, but I am not sure what changed. On Prod it is still failing (not showing the shell).