We are trying to put and get files from an SFTP server from webMethods IS 6.1 (jvm 1.4.2). Other posts point to the OpenSSH package. We have used OpenSSH and are able to put (upload) files to an SFTP server (first storing the files locally on disc).
Problem is that before getting files we want to do a list command, get an array of filenames to loop through before deciding what files to get (download). Since OpenSSH only supports shell script commands, we have found no easy way of solving this. We have also tried to use the Apache SSH package, but the problem here is that wM uses another java security provider. Is there any way of configuring wM what java security provider to load?

Has someone found a way of sucessfully using an SFTP client together with webMethods?


I am facing similar issue what mattias was facing.

please let me know has anybody worked on sftp “ls” command which returns the directory list.

I’ve gone through some sites related to sftp " how to capture the sftp commands output into variables" . But I could not find the easiest solution.

Please let me know anyone worked on this.


I’m using jsch from Jcraft. just need to drop their jar file and write a little java client code to use it.
Felt it’s easier than openssh.

Hi tongwang,

Thanks a lot for your information and sorry for late reply.

We used the Java code of JSECH and achieved the sftp connectivity using password authentication as well as used the sftp commands already avilable in the package. These commands are all working fine. And it is really asy compare with OpenSSH.

But I believe still we can use OpenSSH services for “SFTP with key based authentication” instead of password based authentication if it would have provided functionality of sftp commands.


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