SFTP to Proxy Server and then on to TP

Hello all,

I have a requirement where we need to send a file to TP through SFTP but it must route the content through a proxy server. Can anyone has done this before. Please let me know your thoughts.


That would be a function of the SFTP library you’re using.

Hi reamon,

Thanks for your reply. can you please elaborate little more.


I assume you’re using an SFTP library or external program to do the SFTP bits. Within that library/program would be settings or configuration that would route outbound traffic through a proxy. For example, WinSCP can be configured to use a SOCKS4 or 5 or HTTP proxy. How to configure will depend upon the specific SFTP software you’re using.

Thanks reamon. we’re using OpenSSH package for sftp. where can we find documentation or any useful information. Your inputs are always welcome.

Search the web for “openssh proxy” and you should find some useful info.

Hi Reamon,

Can we configure those settings in OpenSSH? Please let me know. Does OpenSSH has that capability

Thanks for your valuable inputs.

Please search the web for “openssh proxy”. I think you’ll find answers on the first page of results.