SFTP - setting java security provider in wM


We are trying to put and get files from an SFTP server from webmethods IS 6.1 (jvm 1.4.2). Other posts point to the OpenSSH package. We have used OpenSSH and are able to put (upload) files to an SFTP server (first storing the files locally on disc).
Problem is that before getting files we want to do a list command, get an array of filenames to loop through before deciding what files to get (download). Since OpenSSH only supports shell script commands, we have found no easy way of solving this. We have also tried to use the Apache SSH package, but the problem here is that wM uses another java security provider. Is there any way of configuring wM what java security provider to load?

Has someone found a way of sucessfully using an SFTP client together with webMethods?

You might try Secure FTP Factory. Includes Java classes for SFTP (FTP over SSH), FTPS (FTP over SSL), FTP and SCP (Secure Copy)

Secure FTP Factory - Java Edition

We have already tried JScape Secure FTP Factory. It leads us to the same error as with Apache - namely that webMethods IS uses another java security provider. So if the java security provider could be configured in WM our problem would be solved… Any inputs?

Java security providers are not configured in webMethods, but in the JRE itself. webMethods uses Entrust as its primary security provider. What providers do the ApacheSSH or JScape SSH use? Just follow the directions for that provider to configure the JRE to use it. I have configured the JRE in IS to use Bouncy Castle in the past for some XML encryption and digital signature tasks.


Thank you for your input Mark. Do you mean installing a certain provider for JDK?

Googling “installing java security provider” produces an excellent link that should help you understand this.


Thank you! We have now set the correct security provider (security.provider.1=com.sun.crypto.provider.SunJCE) first in the configuration list in the file java.security under jre\lib\security. This solved our problem.

You may want to use Jsch libraries to perform SFTP transfers from my java applications. I have a writeup on how to use it at:

It very easy to use and I’ve been using it in production now for about a year without any problems.


Welcome to wMUsers! Thanks for the great example.