SFTP Put Issue While writing file to SFTP location

Hi Team ,

we are getting No threads available in pool while writing file by using SFTP put method .we are using SAG 9.9 .Its intermittent issue .


Probably you may have to tune your IS Resource settings (via Admin Console) as logs complained about and then test your load/normal scenarios with the sFTP functions and work with your admin team as well.


Can you share the IS fix levels and the thread that is configured currently with the memory settings?

Even a detailed error will help to assist.

Please find details as below .Its intermittent issue .It works for most of the time .Some time we will get this error

Product webMethods Integration Server
Error Message: Error while executing command ‘put’: No threads available in pool
Server Thread Pool
Available Threads 83 % (332 Threads)
Maximum Threads 400
Minimum Threads 40
Available Threads Warning Threshold 15 % (60 Threads)
Scheduler Thread Throttle 75 % (300 Threads)
Scheduler Current Threads 0

OK, but did you experience any huge transactions load on the server and any other errors during this time?

Thanks for reply .I will connect with my Admin team for tuning IS resources from Admin console …

for a production system, 400 is pretty low, it can easily be used up.
If you have enough memory allocated to the IS, Try 2000 or even higher to see if it happens again.

Thanks for update .I discussed with one of my friend we can also write file to NAS location which reduce number of SFTP call’s .