FTP to SFTP conversion in WebMethods 9.5

I need the setup/configuration details for conversion from FTP to SFTP in WebMethods 9.5. Appreciate your quick response on this.Thanks in advance.

Hi Rachana,

please have a look at the IS Administrators Guide and the IS Built-In-Serivces Guide for details.

In IS Admin you will need to configure the SFTP Server Alias and SFTP User Alias.
The User Alias is need when connecting to the SFTP Server.

In your code replace the services being invoked from pub.client.ftp:* to pub.client.sftp:*.

Make sure you have SCG_9.5_SP1_TPL_Fix2 and IS_9.5_SP1_Core_Fix12 (or newer) applied to your IS as there were some issues when configuring or connecting to SFTP servers.


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If SFTP is supported by webmethod 9.5 version, then please let me know if same is supported for windows OS. Somewhere I happen to read that SFTP is supported only for Linux.
Thank You.

If you mean to say acts as a SFTP provider , webMethods cannot acts as SFTP provider.

From webMethods we have OOTB services using which you can connect to SFTP server,

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SFTP services have been introduced in wM 9.5.

If you need to get files from an SFTP server you will have to configure a notification service, i.e. a WebService, to inform the IS that there is a new file available.


Hi, does Software AG provide on call support ? I am unable to create new .NET Service with this error," Error browsing the specified Domain’s file directory.". The issue is very critical and our timelines are approaching. Appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.

Hi Rachana ,

Yes SAG providers on call support , you can get the 24 hr support numbers from empower website.

Meanwhile , you can also create a new thread with the error which you are getting.Someone from community member can comment on it.

I am currently doing FTP to SFTP conversions for one of my framework. Its not very easy as I thought but you may have to test your code rigorously after you do the change. Especially when you are using the ls services and mapping the session key’s. You may have to check the return code from the service very carefully each time your perform an operation on SFTP before you proceed to the next step.