sftp:get service giving the error status:4

Hi ,

I am using sftp:get service to download the file from the vendor site.

But while downloading ,I am getting status:4 error.

I am able to put the file,delete the file using sftp services.But not able to download the file from the vendor site using sftp:get service.

I am able to download the file successfully from Unix(Putty),WinSCP, FileZill with the same user credentials.But facing problem from developer sftp:get service.

Note: sftp:get service is working fine for all other vendors,but only for this particular vendor we are facing this issue.

Kindly let me know if any one has any clue regarding this status error.

Thanks in advance.

Are you on IS 9.x with sFTP alias setup and do you have elaborated error message with return code 4?

I believe you should contact your network team or vendor FTP team with the error reason and check with them as you stated its only with this vendor specific



We are using 7.1.2 version.

We requested the Vendor to re configure the setup at their end.

After the new setup we are able to download the file successfully.

Thanks for your inputs.


OK glad to hear it got resolved now…expected its the other side issue: :smiley:

BTW,In the 712 what package are you using for sFTP? OpenSSH or WaSFTP?


Unfortunately we got the issue again.We are using Open SSH.

Vendor is asking below question.
“Is there a way to trap/debug the commands that its actually sending? The only way I can create the error I’m seeing is by doing a “cd /” or “ls /””

As we are using Channelsftp.get method ,how can we track the logs…

Is there any way we can look into the detailed log messages.

Kindly advise.



Are you dealing with large files?
what’s your timeout setting with the connection?
If it works sometime, maybe timing out due to size.

This is not a large file.It was working fine.All of a sudden it is stopped working all the time.

All other services(cd,ls,put ) services are working fine except this get.

Where do we set this timeout property ?

All of a sudden it stopped working you said…Is there any change in the environments with out keeping you in loop either on your enterprise network or remote side with the ftp channel?

With Open SSH having logging visibility is not there and also not sure as it’s very rigid source to check more details. :frowning:


I implemented the same sftp setup in WM 9x and it is working fine and able to download the file.

But I am not able to download the file in WM 7.1.2 using jcraft.

I installed Open SSH package in my server and trying to implement the sftp setup using it.

OK OpenSSH works fine in 712 env.

I am implementing the Open SSH and calling the service pub.openssh:sftp by passing below values.

username@serverhost --> remotehost

ls /testing – > batchcommands

testing is a directory in the sftp location

But I am getting the below error.

Connecting to b2b-test2.dtcommerce.com
Permission denied (password).
Connection closed

Do we need to setup any configuration prior using these services like exchaning server RSA public keys ?

Kindly advise.