SFTP framework for webmethods 10.5


Can you please tell me if we can implement SFTP framework for 10.5 webMethods…?
We are working on migration from 9.8 to 10.5 with a hop of 9.12 between. In 10.5 we want to setup SFTP famework.

Can anybody give more information , on this, if anybody has implemented this before.


Hi Sanjeevini,

SFTP is availiable as Built-In-Services since wM 9.5.

Check the IS Built-In-Services Reference for the pub.client.sftp:* folder and services.
Check the IS Administrators Guide on how to setup the sftp server and user alias.

Unfortunately, this is not able to create an SFTP port on your IS, so you will have to check for another way of getting notified when new files are arriving.


Also In case you want to create SFTP (22 or 2022) ports for your enterprise wise needs then you will need to use webMethods Active Transfer (ATS/IS) component (MFT solution) as a file exchange provider/consumer and with in your org entities and TP’s.