SFTP configuration problem

I have a SFTP server I have set up in Settings → SFTP menu.
I create a server and a user alias (as password as security).

Usually I have no problem to set up this king of connection. Actually it is not my first SFTP server I do that.

I install FileZilla client on this server and I test connection and it’s work fine.

Now on my colmputer via designer and connected on the IS server I test pub.client.sftp:login (with the good user alias) and it seems as blocked.

I don’t know where to search.

I don’t know where I can find log about sftp


Did you test the SFTP User Alias? The test on the IS should return success. Considering the test is successful on the IS, what is the exact error you are encoutering on designer while invoking ‘pub.client.sftp:login’ ? Login should returnCode=0 and returnMsg=‘Successfully logged in’.

You can additionally increase logging level under Settings - Logging - Server Logger - Default - Integration Server - 0147 SFTP Client.

Ashish Bania

Hi Vital,

this should be in server.log of IS.

Search for the log factory 0147.

You can increase its log level in IS Admin UI under Settings → Logging → Server Logger under IntegrationServer.


Thanks Holget and thanks Ashish.

As I already explain, it’s not the first time I use SFTP and so I know how to test a user Alias on IS and it is works.The only thing which didn"t work is to use pub.client.sftp:login service in designer. But I had no error message. In fact in debug, I can not pass the step whatever on success or on failure. It is like as it is blocked.
I found the issue : in fact the flow service was running in several times in IS so it is blocked by different called.

set the following in your IS,
Settings > Extended > Show and Hide Keys

Error will be logged in wrapper log. <webMethods\profiles\IS_default\logs>