sever.cnf file is changed

Hi All,

After server OS patch, we found that some of the schedulers are not working properly (they are in running state for long time) once we restart the server every thing is working fine. in our investigation we found that some of the Extended settings are missing (in Server.cnf file). we updated server.cnf file to its last working form and now every thing is fine. But My question is why the settings in the server.cnf file are changed, will it happens when any patch applied to server/ restarting the IS.

we are Using 8.2 version SP1

please share us if any one faced same/ similar issue.

Thanks Venkat

HI Venkat,

Never come across such issue. Have you raised a ticket with SAG on this?
Please share the outcome if you have.


I agree with Bari.

But unfortunately 8.2 is EOM since some time.



I also faced the same issue for webMethods V8.0.

That time we tried many things to resolve this but finally informed our internal support team to check Schedular page and suspend any Schedular which is in running state for a long time and then re-enable it. We know this is wrong and it should be fixed but becuase of resource shortage we ignored this and added this in monitoring checklist.

Sometimes we used to restart servers.

@Venkat: Can you please share the resolution.

Syed Faraz Ahmed