setup localization problems


I am using the turkish version of windows. When I open cai web application in the browser, left side menu tree never shows up. If I set the standarts and formats to english from the regional settings applet in the control panel, it works. How can I use cai with the turkish language settins?

By the way, I am using cis version 142_20060104, internet explorer 6, jre 1.5

Thank you.

Does this problem only occur with Turkish codepage?

Anyway, I just wanted to remind that this one still stands as a major issue.

Hi All,

This problem has a better workaround than changing the regional settings to some other locale.

Keep your regional settings as it is and insert the below line into your “c:\program files\software ag\application designer\bin\cis.bat” batch file. Right below “set java_home=…”

set java_opts=-Duser.language=en


with turkish language there are two lower “i” characters - the first has a dot the second not. When calling String.toLowerCase you must be pretty aware of that…

App Designer Code was not :frowning:

So update your installation with a new kit and enjoy - as well in turkish language!