Setup HTTPS for web service provider

I intended to setup HTTPS for web service provider thru creating an Endpoint Alias. However, I found that the transport is still HTTP in wsdl:binding as bellow or attachment. The only change is the soap:address location would start with https as endpoint alias. May I know if HTTPS is setup successfully in this way?

<wsdl:binding name=“AIAChannelManagement_retrieveCommission_ws_retrieveCommissionProvider_Binder” type=“tns:retrieveCommissionProvider_PortType”>
<soap:binding style=“document” transport=“”/>

After I setup HTTPS endpoint alias in above way. I used SOAPUI to test the provider. The web service provider was verified OK thru HTTP, while error occurs thru HTTPS. May I know how to solve this error?

Hi Aaron,

looks like you are trying to perform an HTTPS-Connect against an HTTP-Port.

Are you sure that the keystores and the certificates have been imported correctly and that the HTTPS-port has been enabled?


Hi Thomsen,

I am not sure for that. May you advise how import keystores, certificates and how HTTPS-port is enabled?

Hi Aaron,

you will need to create a certificate first.
This can be done by i.e Openssl or keytool.

This certificate needs to be imported into the IS under IS Admin → Security → Keystores.
After that this needs to be assigned as the server certificate under IS Admin → Security → Certificates.

Under IS Admin → Security → Ports there should be a port with type HTTPS Regular and this one should be enabled…


@Holger von Thomsen
I met another issue about HTTPs, detail refer to, Could you help to advise on it?