Setup git in IS server

I have a question, now when setup git with IS, we recommend setup CI by jenkin, What about setup git remote server in IS server , example :
“C:\SoftwareAG\IntegrationServer” as a remote repository

If yes, can I roll back if someone change ACL, global variable, connection to previous commit ?

Hi Vu Hoang Hiep,

You should be able to rollback using git reset “commit no” anytime. you push those changes back to Master to keep them in sync again.

It would be good practice to set the repository at - IntegrationServer/instances/default/ level so that you are working on one particular instance for any changes.

Firoz N

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Hi Firoz
I wonder how to manage changed file in config folder, the synchornize between local IS with remote IS

  • How to import ./config from remote git (is IS too) to local IS ?
  • And
  1. I add a Global variable password in local IS
  2. It change file in ./config local
    Now if I push code to remote IS , does it need restart IS remote?
    What about conflict in ./config?