Setting up WM alias

Greetings WM folks.

I am new at this WM stuff, though I find it to be pretty cool already. It will be much nicer when I know what I’m doing.

Currently I’m having trouble setting up a WMdb alias. I am going to connect to a DB2 database on a Windows 2000 machine. I’ve put the db2jcc.jar in what I believe is the appropriate sub-directory.
I’ve stopped and started the WM service. When I go back into the db alias section to create a new alias there is no reference to a loaded driver indicating any thing about DB2.

I ain’t got a clue. HELP PLEASE!

Thanks a pile.

What version of webMethods IS are you working with? For lots of good reasons you should be using the JDBC Adapter to connect to DB2 rather than WmDB.


Hi Mark
Thanks for the reply. We are using webMethods developer 6.5.
Does that help?
Thanks again,

Yes, you should not in any case be using WmDB for new development with IS 6.1 or later. WmDB is not quite deprecated yet, but should only be used for backwards compatibility or for those very rare databases that can not be accessed using the IS JDBC Adapter.


Well call me silly, but what does that mean? Should I make the database connection in the flow, if that is the correct term?
Thanks for your tolerance.

Use the JDBC adapter to setup one or more adapter connections to your DB2 database instances. Use Developer to create new adapter services that reference an adapter connection. Adapter services for the JDBC adapter perform the usual RDBMS functions (select, update, insert, delete, exec stored proc, etc.).

Invoke those adapter services from within a Flow service to interact with database resources.

The JDBC Adapter User’s Guide has a good overview section and a section that describes each type of adapter service.

You can find that on Advantage or in the wm_home\IntegrationServer\packages\WmJDBCAdapter\doc folder.



Thanks again Mark,
I’ll give the documentation a look and give it a try.