Setting up TN

How to setup Trading Networks. I installed webMethods server 4.6 but TN can’t connect to it. Also, I cant see any wmTN package installed.
Do I have to create the database manually? Please, let me know the whole procedure of setting up TN so that it connects to IS.

The install guide for TN is pretty clear. Is there something specific from there that you have questions about?

TN doesn’t “connect” to IS–TN is simply a package that is hosted in IS. The TN install does need to locate the IS installation though. Is that where things are not working?

The problem is that I am unable to start TN Console. I am using localhost:5555 as the server. When I provide the username and password, it displays me error msg saying to check my username and password. I am giving the same username and password for the server and its running fine.

Look at the “wMTN_BuildingYourNetwork.pdf” under the TNConsole/doc directory. This include info on how to setup the database.

From the intial mail, it seems like the TN server is not installed but only the console is installed. It is a separate installation procedure you need to follow after installing the webMethods Server (in 4.6). (In 6.0, a single installation will do both.).