Setting the titletextid of an icon in a FLEXLINEInfo

I want to use a FLEXLINEInfo defining some icons in it. Everything works so far except the property titletextid. I can’t see any text moving the mouse onto the control. I do it like that:

protected FLEXLINEInfo m_flexline = new FLEXLINEInfo();
m_flexline.addICON(m_adapter, CSVManager.encodeString(new String {
“image”, cmd.getImage(),
“method”, cmd.getName(),
“imagewidth”, String.valueOf(cmd.getWidth()),
“imageinactive”, cmd.getDisabledImage(),
“titletextid”, cmd.getLabel()

What do I do wrong?

Are you using Composer or Designer?

Best Regards,

I’m using the Designer.

Thank you, Agnes