Setting Path for Oracle DriverPlease help

Hi All,

Expecting all of you guys expertise to solve my issue.

I am having some problem in setting the path for the Oracle Driver.
Can anyone eloborate me the complete steps for me to get that stuff working.

Actually i copied the classess12.jar in the IS\lib\jars directory
but my server is not at all getting started.


So can anyone tell me the proceduer and step by step to get that to work.

1> Setup is :

Version: WM IS 4.6 , Windows2000
Installed Under : D:\program files\IntegrationServer4.0…

2> What i have to change in bin\server.bat

3> What i have to change in bin\runserver.bat

4> What i have to change in config\server.cnf

waiting for the comments

Anitha R.Lakshmanan

Hi Anita,

Do you mean your IS is not getting started? If so, there must be other problems. In case you are just not getting connected to oracle here is what you do.

In server.bat
set APPENDCLASSES= …\lib\jars\

In server.cnf

After this if you restart server you should be able to see “oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver” in “Loaded Drivers” list when you try to create a db alias(I assume you know how to do this. If not let me know). This should solve your issues.