Setting contenttype in SMTP


I use email application (Lotus notesR5) to send EDI documents to WebMethods 6 IS.
How do I set the content-type to “application/x-12” before sending email?


Are you trying to send Email using webmethods
public services --pub.client:smtp??

If so, there is a parameter in that service called (Attachments),Under this record set the content-type as :application/EDI or else your choice,before sending the email.

pls check the built in services documentation to get more clue…


I am sending EDI docs thru’ email from Lotus Notes to WM 6 IS. Not the public service pub.client:smtp.


Opps…No clue regarding that…

IF you find any resolution, let wmusers know.



What is happening when you send something now (without defining the content-type in Notes)?

I believe IS should determine the appropriate content handler for the document based on the attachment extension.

You can see what IS is seeing by including pub.flow:getTransportInfo in your receiving service. This will show you the protocol (SMTP) and inside of the email document will reflect the contenttype it is receiving.

Hope this helps.


i will try with that service…

But is there any way to set content type before sending email attachement via external mail server (lotusnotes or outlook) to IS.

RK is facing this problem.


Perhaps a web search for “MIME type lotus notes attachment” will yield some useful information.

You might have better luck getting info on this in Notes forums.

Thanks Phil & Rob… Will get back soon.


Hi… I would like to receive emails from Lotus Notes with CSV file attachments. Could anyone please direct me on how to go about doing this… from scratch… I really appreciate your help… Thanks… Rashmi Pujar