Setting adapter time zone on Windows

With the advent of the Commonwealth Games in Australia, daylight saving have been extended a week to 2nd April 2006. Java won’t know about this, because it uses its own internal time zone tables, so for a week our WM apps will run one hour behind.

We will work around this on Unix by forcing “java -Duser.timezone=GMT+1100” in the startup scripts for our WM4 adapters and WM6 integration servers.

However, we can’t do this for our remote WM4 adapters sitting on Windows boxes. The adapter monitor service runs beans_adapter_svc.exe which I presume loads and runs a JVM DLL, so there’s no intermediate script that we can conveniently modify. Is there some other way we can override the time zone on these adapters?

…and to answer my own question :), specify “-Duser.timezone=GMT+1100” in “JVM options” on the Java tab in Adapter Configuration.