to Wrapper.conf

We will be migrating soon from webMethods 9.5 to 9.10 and while going through the documentation observed a change being introduced in prior version of moving away from to Wrapper.conf. Any tricks and tips recommended to make it smoother during upgrade or manual file creation is only option?

Hi Alok,

which componennt(s) are you referring to?


Integration Server. HEAP Parameters and we use monitoring tool for which we make an entry in setenv.

You do not need to create/alter wrapper.conf. There is another file custom_wrapper.conf which allows to add/pverride any JVM parameters.

Thanks Srikanth!! But as part of uprade process from 9.5 to 9.10 apart from manual overriding is there better way to migrate the parameters?

I am afraid you might have to do it manually. Upgrade scripts will only migrate the configuration from config folder.

But it is worth raising a support incident to get confirmation.


as moigration is side-by-side anyway, you should check if you can just modify the custom_wrapper.conf after installation according to your requirements.

You should also check if you have to modify you rmonitoring tool to capture the modified entries.

Did you check the Installation and/or Administration Guides for 9.5 and 9.10 for further informations?


Alok, I suggest to reach SAG support first.

If you want to give a try, you can do changes custom_wrapper.conf as per your environment and execute the same.


Thanks everyone for your response!! Doing a manual modification is not a big concern, but I am estimating the effort required with manual intervention during the upgrade and items that can be taken care of through automation script

yes, you must do a detailed analysis and then only do run manual script. Also, reach SAG to hear their voice on the same.