SetLockMode and SetIsolationLevel


I am using Tamino 4 with VB6. What are the possible settings for SetLockMode and SetIsolationLevel. Both take an integer as the only parameter but I can’t find what my choices are or what they mean. Thanks.


SetIsolationLevel takes an IsolationTypes value as parameter same as BeginSession parameter isolation.

SetLockMode takes a LockModeTypes value as parameter sames as the BeginSession parameter mode.

The existing TaminoX control does not show the enumerations as expected (fixed for next version).

The ActiveX documentation should have specified the possible numeric values - the Tamino XML server documentation should elaborate on how to use them.

The Tamino XML server documentation dealing with locking can be reached by following each of the links:

  • Tamino 4.1.4 Documentation
  • Tamino XML Server
  • X-Machine Programming
  • Requests using X-Machine Commands
  • Transaction-Related Commands
  • Comparison of Locking Mechanisms

This discussion has more details related to locking issues: Tamino 4 Locking.