Set alert for critical Environment

Hi There;

Are there any way to set alert emails to administrator for critical environment flag in Command central?

Command Central basic monitoring does not directly support sending email or other types of actions on alerts.

Alerts are exposed via REST API (sagcc get monitoring alerts -d -f json) and can be processed by a polling REST client, for example implemented on Integration Server, that can send emails or perform any other type of action.


I think Optimize for platform will be suitable for your requirement.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

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It is possible via optimize for infrastructure.
Once configured it loads with predefined KPIs which can be configured to send alerts with the defined threshold.

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Thank you all for your quick reply on query.

Hi Sergei; I tried to use REST API approach get alerts and its returning into encoding format(Not sure which encoding type - result looks like NAK ETX ETX after converting byte to string), but same request I have executed for landscape/nodes its returning proper result via “pub.client:http” service in IS. Could you please help me for encoding type?

for landscape/nodes : http://:/cce/landscape/nodes

for Monitoring/alerts: http://:/cce/Monitoring/alerts


The content type should be either application/xml or application/json, depending which one you prefer.
It is the same for all CCE REST API’s, there is nothing special with /monitoring resource.

You can try it with curl:

$ curl -uAdministrator:manage -H “Accept: application/json” http://localhost:8090/cce/monitoring/alerts

$ curl -uAdministrator:manage -H “Accept: application/xml” http://localhost:8090/cce/monitoring/alerts


Thank you Sergei. I’ll try with curl.