Session Start Event & Email


First i have to say that i’m a beginner with webMethods.
I have read the documentation, and in the “Developer Users Guide 65” there is an example about Event Handler. ( pag 371 - “Sample Event Handler” ), which it should send a email to a specified email address, when a user from the administrator group logged in.

I have tried it. I created the flow service, set values in Pipeline. I have run it and everything is ok. It send an email.

But when I create the Event Handler for the “Session Start Event”, I received emails at every 5-10 seconds, which is wrong, because the email should be sent only once, when the user logged in. ( when the session is started ).

If any of you have a little time, and try the example, i would appreciate.

I belive that the Integration Server send the email, as long as you are logged in. ( there are different sessionID’s ).

Best regards.

Anyone has tryed the example ?!