Session Configuration Details on WM - IS server

What is the difference between total session and licensed sessions?
If we are expected to write an alert on the session, which one do we need to base the decision. Total session or Licensed session?

Total Sessions 1 3 -
Licensed Sessions 0 1 2147483647
Stateful Sessions 0 0 2147483647

Appreciate your help on this.

The server displays the current number of active sessions in use in the Total Sessions
field. The server displays the maximum number of licensed sessions your license
allows in the Licensed Sessions fields.

Check your license key and look for concurrent sessions, usually it will be unlimited but it might vary from client to client.

Can you brief on your requirement?

Thank you so much for your reply. How to get license key and concurrent users info.

My Req: I was asked to write alerts monitoring the session information provided by WM.
Also, is there a way to find out how many are http client sessions out of total sessions.

Appreciate your reply.