"Servlet jsp is not available"

I’m trying to get the WmSamples JavaServer Pages Sample to work but all I get is “HTTP Status 404 - Servlet jsp is not available” on http://tech.forums.softwareag.com:5555/web/WmSamples/showCustomerData.jsp. The index.html at http://tech.forums.softwareag.com:5555/web/WmSamples/ displays correctly as far as I can tell. Also the http://tech.forums.softwareag.com:5555/web/WmTomcat/index.jsp renders correctly

Anyone got any ideas on how to get the jsp pages to work outside the WmTomcat/web folder?

I’m working on IS

Dear Niklas-san and all,

Hi. We are getting the same problem.
Coudl you sincerely how did you resolve the problem.

Why is the following page “Not found” with the attached IS package.

*The following page renders correctly.

Best regards,
Shogo Tatsuzawa
JSPSample_20151105.zip (25.8 KB)

Dear Mr Tatsuzawa,

We found that we were using the wrong URL to get the wanted function. If we instead of the URL above used the following it worked:

Hope this helps

Kind Regards

Niklas Ottosson

Niklas Ottosson-san,

Thanks for the reply very much.

I just found the cause of my problem.
I added “Package Dependency” on “JSPSample” package to “WmTomcat” package.

After reloading “JSPSample” package, I can confirm the following page.

Best regards,
Shogo Tatsuzawa

Niklas Ottosson-san,

Thanked for your support this issue yesterday.

If possible, could you send or relate your “WmSamples/web/WEB-INF/web.xml” for my study?

Best regards,
Shogo Tatsuzawa


setting a dependency to the WmTomcat-Package sounds good, as this forces the Samples-Package to be loaded after the WmTomcat-package has loaded completely. Additionally they are running in the same class loading context (derived from WmTomcat).

If there any issues loading packages which contains JSP for Tomcat (“no valid context found”)
check for IntegrationServer/web/work/WmTomcat/localhost/ directory.

Delete the directory for the affected packages (web_) and reload the package.


Dear Holger-san,

Thanks for the tip very much.

Delete the directory for the affected packages (web_) and reload the package.

I just confirm the location of (web_) as below.


When I have any problem regarding JSP pages, I will try to delete them and reload the packages.

Best regards,
Shogo Tatsuzawa