Services to List Triggers

Hello There,

I have task to develop an IS service to fetch list of Triggers with their status, after some RD i found that wm.server.triggers:getRetrievalStatus from WmRoot package can be used get the trigger details, but i also read few threads in this forum saying that we are not supposed to WmRoot package, can someone suggest me if there is any alternative service to accomplish the task.

Thanks in Advance

wm.server.triggers:getTriggerReport - Use this service.

You can use the services from WmRoot but at your own risk. It just SAG will not support these services as they are internal and private API to SAG. Just take extra care when you upgrade from one version to another as there is not documentation and service change logs for WmRoot shared by SAG.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Sreeni – The services which are under WmRoot package are mainly meant for wM server internal usage. We can use the same on our own risk, if anything goes wrong in between SAG is not ready to assist. But I can see most of the times we do come across usage of these services for automation of a few activites.