Services on the designer are getting deleted automatically

Hi Team,

We are facing a serious problem with the designer 9.7.

Services are getting deleted automatically. When we tried to create the service with the same name under the same package, its showing, name is already being used, use other name.

After deployed the same service from other env to this env, we are able to see the service.

Its causing serious problem in our flows. Please help us to identify this issue.


What is the issue exactly ?
Are the services getting deleted automatically or are you not able to create the services (getting error name is already being used, use other name) . Please confirm.

For the error “getting error name is already being used, use other name” , please make sure the folder and services does not exist on any of the packages. If it exist please delete and then try creating the folder&service again.


please make sure that the same service is not existing in another package.
Package name is not part of the service names namespace.

Any messages in logs when reloading the affected package?