Service to read folder contents

Hi ,

We have to create a new service which will give count of files available in a Folder in remote system running on Win 2000.

The procedure is to

  1. Connect to that system.

  2. Read that Folder.

  3. Count the number of files in that folder.

Please let me know whether any inbuilt service are there to connect to a remote system. If not, then what the solution other than writing a java service.

Please give a quick reply.

Please help me out of this. I


I think that you could use build-in FTP services to list the file present in your folder. For that, you need to have an ftp server running in the system that you want to reach.

The only other way I see is to write your own java service but it seems that you don’t want to implement such of things.


Try using ftp:cd and ftp:ls service in Pub.client.ftp folder public services and ls gives out record list of files then use sizeOfList service to get the count.


Thanks a lot…