Service not running from MWS server side.


I am having some issues trying to run a service from a WSDL.

I created a test Portlet Application where I have only one Portlet with his respective default.view. In there I dragged and dropped a Property Group with Static Row and Cell; one text (aZ) and one async command button.

I generated a Web Service Connector of a WSDL inside a package in my IS server, assigned Authentication Info User Name and Password, also set dynamic Endpoint Address (#{environment[“wsclient-endpointAddress”]}/ws/ComponentesGenericos.WebServices:datosClientesWSDL).

The async command button call an action which its java code invokes refresh() method of the particular service added and then assign the result to the output text.

By the IS side, I can run the service successfully, but when the refresh() method is called after I click the button, an error message is thrown in my MWS Portlet Page.

This is the error:

I couldn’t find any information related to this error in this forum and also in the empower database.

Please, hope you can help me. My webMethods version is 8.0 .


Hello Dario,

I was wondering if you managed to fix this issue.

If yes, can you share with the community? I see other people also have this problem. (Issue while running portlet in MWS - webMethods - Software AG Tech Community & Forums)

If not can you let us what is the class that your WSC (Web Service Connector) generated class is extending?

Is it something like:

public class MyClass extends GlueWSClientContentProvider {

Hope it helps,

Vlad, I could fix this issue, the problem was exactly what you advised: my generated class for the Web Service Connector wasn’t extending from GlueWSClientContentProvider, instead its superclass was something else I can’t remember right now.

Sadly it took me days to figured it out…

Thanks anyways.
Best regards.