Service monitoring in MWS - shows Activity instead of Completed or Failed

Hi all,

I have enabled audit logging for my flow service. But in MWS Service Log search result list (Monitoring/Integration/Services) the status is on random occations showing “Activity” even if the service in fact has finished (Completed) or failed (Failed). If I enter the details page for the specific service, the correct status is shown in the History section. This applies for maybe ~5% of all registered logged services.

From what I can tell this behavior seems to happen only when the timestamp for an entered activity message (invocation of pub.prt.log:logActivityMessages) is the same as the timestamp of the “Completed” status. MWS then does not seem to be able to determine the correct order, but as said, it only applies to the service list, not to the details page.

It’s kind of an annoying bug since we cannot with confidence search for services with status “Failed” since we do not know if some of the failed services have faulty status “Activity” and they will not show up when doing a filtered search for services with status “Failed”.

Environment: 8.2 sp2

Any suggestions to resolve this issue is appreciated.