Service invoked behind 'View as HTML'


Can you please let me know which inbuilt service is invoked when ‘View as HTML’ option is clicked in the developer ?

I want to write a utility which would generate the HTML version for all services in a package. Has anybody done this before ?


It’s the Developer client who takes care of generating HTML page and not the IS.

There are some template files under Developer/templates folder of the installation directory. When you click ‘view as html’ these files are invoked and generates the html view of the service and saves it under Developer/html folder.

If you want a similar but advanced feature, you can look at WmDoc package from advantage samples.


Hi Guna,

Thanks for your response. I have had a look at WmDoc packages and it is indeed really helpful. My requirement is to write a utility to generate the HTML view of all the services in a gievn package and store the HTML files viewing them later. The WmDoc package does not provide an option of doing this and I believe the HTML files are generated on the fly. Can you suggest a way to store the HTML view of all services in a geiven package so that it can be viewed later ?

Any suggestions on this would be really helpful

I recall there was a package that does exactly this but I don’t recall where it was. It may have been in the shareware section here or somewhere else like at

It would be great if you could let me know where I can find that package

Hi All,

I too have same requirement. Kindly let me know if you have solution.

Thanks in advance.