How to include external HTML pages to portlet


      I have some HTML pages already developed. and now i want to create portlet(only UI) according to HTML pages. will it possible to use these existing HTML pages directly for portlet development? How can i include external HTML pages to portlet? if yes then How?

      Is there any way to convert HTML pages to .view file? 


You can include HTML in a child frame by either dropping frame control or by dropping a script control and write you own iframe tag in it.

Hi thnks for the reply, but where should i put this code…?
actually i m working with .view file and hv bult in controls. my question is dat, how can in include my external HTML pages in to .view file in portlet, is there any kind of control or features availabel in designer for do this task…?

you need to put this code into the value property of your scriptBlock component available in designer palette

ok fine, it shuld in editable mode, i want to convert HTML page into .view file so i can make changes to the control…

With the help of ur code it is not showing me dat HTML file in to .view file in designer…it only provides the like to the HTML file and show wen i deploy it on MWS…

do u have any kind of tool which can convert the HTML file to .view file…?

the perpose behind this is i want to bind the control of HTML page to my webservice connector, dat web service is used to insert data in to the Database which is built in the WM…

In my current project i have bundle of HTML already created(around abt 180), and Designer(MWS perspective) only understand .view file dat we all know. So not to recreate dat all pages in .view file so is there any way to Convert whole HTML to .view file (not include but i want to convert)…

you can not actually convert your HTML controls to a JSF server side controls all you can do is to include them in your existing portlet. I dont know any utility available to accomplish this task you may consider to write your own :slight_smile:

hmmmm… i hv put my all effort for dis…but unable to do dis. Now m agree wid u, i need to recreate all pages in to .view file :)… thanx dear for ur suggestion… still if u find any stuff related to dis matter den post it…