Service Errors and Logs Error are not in sync

Hi All,
Please suggest in following scenario:

  1. Integration Server > Statistics > Requests > Service Errors: 12 ex.
  2. Integration Server > Logs > Error: Here we see all errors.

After clicking Service Errors count it shows all the service error which is similar to Logs error (second scenario)

Problem: Service Errors Count is increasing but after clicking on it, Logs > Errors page is not showing service errors.

After restarting the server those service errors are coming properly in Logs > Error.

Is there any way without restart of server, I can get those service errors details in Logs> Error Section. Integration Server

Architecturally this shouldn’t happen. The error log entries are an exact copy of the services error. You can see even the date time stamp would match.

Check by opening your error logs in a unix server in live scrolling mode so that you can see the log entries as and when they come. You will see that they get updated as and when errors are captured by the integration server.