Service Caching problem IS 601

Hi guys,
I have this strange problem. I have a service A, which reads properties from a file. This service has Caching setting on. I have a service B, which at the beginning calls service A to get the properties. Service B does not have Caching on. But for some reason the service A Caching affects the service B and some pipeline variables in the service B are also somewhere cached. Does anybody know why is this?
I wanted to use the caching for service A to improve the performance and not to read from file every time the service B executes.

Are there any other approached to reading in configuration data from a file?

Prefetch the server rather than cache the service. You will go crazy otherwise.


Prefetch the service rather than cache the service. You will go crazy otherwise.


Janusz - Clear the pipeline as the first step in your cached service - it will solve the problem.

You see what you see because invoking a cached service restores the pipeline (rather than just the service output variables) of the first run.

IS passes the entire pipeline (instead of just the input variables) when invoking a service, so this behavior can get very dangerous. WM should really document this behavior better.

I made a similar post here:

Thanks guys, this clearPipeline as the first step of the cached service works! And it does not clear the pipeline of the calling service.
Thanks a lot.