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Hello All,
We are running webMethods 9.6, (Linux Box) we have about 70+ schedulers running on ESB & TN in total.

Question: I would like to know how i can configure mail “Alerts” if some Scheduler has Failed & Running (Stuck) for a long time. ?

Current situation:
for Adapter failures our Administrator has some scripts on the server and raise alert emails through “/WmRoot/adapter-index.dsp”.
But for schedulers how and where to find them ?


Hi Vijay,

the schedulers are displayed “/WmRoot/scheduler.dsp”.
On this page you will find a colum "lastError, which shows “N/A”, when last run was succesfull, or the real error, when last run failed.
The Column “Status” shows the Status of the scheduled Tasks.
Unfortunately there is no direct field for run duration if it is currently running.

The scheduled tasks are stored in the IS Internal database in the table IS_USERS_TASKS.
You can consider to query this table to get your wanted data.

Additionally you might want to elaborate on the IS Built-In-Services Guide to find some valuable services (esp. for the ART folder which deals with the Adapters without having to deal with generic dsp).


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Adding few additional points to what Holger stated.

  1. In IS_USERS_TASKS there is one column “STATE” which will become “1” incase the Scheduler is running and it will show the server on which it is running in “RUNNINGON” Column. you can build a query and service to get notification emails if the value is one and the interval for re-run of scheduler is more.
  2. Also, We can implement exception handling in the scheduler service and write a Flow service to send emails on failure.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

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Thank you Holger & Syed.

Holger: Unfortunately Linux shell script can’t access DB tables, so this data can not be pulled from there, also will check on IS Built-In-Services Guide.

Syed: I liked the exception handling in the scheduler service and then flow.

:slight_smile: Most welcome.

Also there is one in-built service wm.server.schedule:getUserTaskList which will give you the status of all the schedulers on a particular server with all the details.

For Ex: if you need the current status of scheduler then there will be one field “execState” as output with possible values like ready,suspended, running and etc.


I would prefer to use pub.scheduler:getUserTaskList as its use is officially supported.

The service Syed has mentioned is an “internal” one and should be used with caution.

Additional services which might be of interest in your scenario are pub.scheduler:getTaskIDs and pub.scheduler:getTaskInfo.

Please have a look at the pub.scheduler-Folder in the IS Built-In-Services Guide.


I agree with Holger. Internal WmRoot services should be used cautiously. :slight_smile:
Otherwise, we may end up corrupting server.

Syed Faraz Ahmed