Server logs not refelecting in Admin Console

Hi All,

I am unable to see the server logs in admin console. i am using this command to " server.bat -debug 6 -log " to start the Integaration server but still the logs are displaying in command promt. Please suggest on this. Below are the settings that i made in admin page.

Command to start: server.bat -debug 9 -log

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Hi All,

Now i am able to see server logs but now my problem is when i run my service in developer i am unable to see the service logs in my server logs (in Admin console). Please let me know whether any configuration changes requires to display the service logs ...............


You can start your IS by a simple command also, server.bat only…
check it with this one, it will show all the logs, info level in Admin page.

hi SM,

  1. Service logs are available in admin page under logs → Audit
  2. If you are step thro a service then there wont be any logs, but if you run the service in developer then there should be logs.
  3. check the audit logging for the flow service in developer → properties panel.

-hope this helps!

Hi Deepan,

 I have started the IS using the server.bat (as per Suvigya), but still i am not seeing the service logs(like input and output values from service) in the Admin console. Below are the Audit settings that i have setted for my flow service.

Enable auditing ----- When top-level service only
Log on ------ Error and success
Include pipeline ----- Always

Please let me know wether any configurations i need to do for displaying the service logs


Ho SM,
Audit properties are ok. In admin console i don’t think you will be able to see the input/output pipeline but only the service time, duration, serverid context etc.
If you want to see the input/output - use monitor or MWS Monitoring function. Refer to audit logging guide and monitor guide