Server Error: null+value


While posting the data to one of our partner we are getting the below error :

error type:
error: [B2BCORE.0064.9324] Server Error: null+value

Does anybody come across such error ?

You haven’t provided much in the way of details. Assuming you are using some version of TN, have you confirmed that the URL you are attempting to post to is correct and can be reached from the server on which IS is running?

Is this error occurring for all documents sent to that partner? Was this working before? If so, what changed either on your side or your partner’s?


I am using the webMethods 4.6 .

The partner is able to receive the document. But the problem is with the MDN.

The MDN is not good .It contains :

Message-ID: %MDNheader/Message-ID%
Content-Type: %MDNheader/Content-Type%
AS2-From: %MDNheader/AS2-From%
AS2-To: %MDNheader/AS2-To%

and the HTTP server gives the error as mentioned above.