Server and Error log - DB vs File

I curious if anyone recommends storing the server and error log files in a database or just make it simple and have it written to a file (server.log and error.log). I mean what affect does it have on performance, if any. If it’s stored in a database, then yo can obviously run reports against it.

every approach had pros and cons. It depends on your requirement. I will share few of my points

Database should be big. I mean proper memory usage.
purging should be done regularly.
Server threads are consume memory to update dababase.
log verification is easy with just simple queries.
triggers on error logs for alert


Easy to maintain.
Alert verification is not easy. Need extra OS level alerts or Tivoli like alerts or Log4J
Regularly take up the back up and clean up

Observations I have found that,

Projects which are using the wm componets such related to BPM, BAM, MWS are using data base.

And some of the projects which use only developer & trading networks are using file system (as this is the traditional way most of the projects used for loggind as I believe)

We have been using database for our logging (using the log4j) for the past two years and the debugging, Root cause analysis was just awesome along with generating Analytics of our calling channel traffic etc. The disadvantage in our scenario was, the SQL job (DB owned by DBA team) that was created to purge the database used to fail very often because running out of buffer space and the recovery of that job was pretty messy on the IS side (since the DB was in a hung state) and there were stale connections.

Recently a decision was made to switch back logging to File system (which we had earlier) as in our case the cons outweighed the pros with DB logging.

From my experiences my advice would be, unless you have complete control over the database/schema and there are no other teams (non WM) trying to control what you do to it, DB logging will work great. If you do not have the luxury of that, then i would suggest stick to File logging.


Hello All,

We are using wM IS 9.8.

May I get your idea on what DB table the error logs being stored?

Where can I view the setup in IS?



The errors are logged to th WMERROR table which is part of the ISCore-Audit feature.

The JDBC-Connection is configured under Settings -> JDBC Pools in IS Admin UI.
The Logger Settiings are configured under Settings -> Logging.


Thank you for the info Holger

Big Help