Sequence of Actions in Processing Rule

Is there any sequence followed in executing actions in the Processing Rule?

If we specify the a) Execute a Service action & b) Change the User status action, which once will be executed first?

Is there any way to change the sequence? We need this requirement for our project where the Userstatus shld be changed first and then the service shld be executed?

You would be better off having your service change the status using rather than letting TN do it. That way you can completely control when the status gets changed. HTH,


Currently I was doing the same using But just I want to know whether any sequence is followed and is there a way to change the sequence

AFAIK, the sequence of execution is undefined and cannot be controlled.

Changing the status within the executed service is usually the way to go.


Basically your execute service should handle the changeStatus and depends on your sequence of flow update the status in TN for the corresponding bizdoc.

If you use TN processing rule to change the UserStatus it will update at the end of the service execution.


Thanks RMG, Tim & Rob.Now, I was doing the same with the help of changeProcessStatus service.