Seperation of Duties


I have a simple process with two User Tasks

First task is for entering information and second task is for Approve.

Second task assign to Approver_Role that the role contains all approver users. But it also could contain the user who completed first task…

I mean the user who completed first task has also has Approver_Role. But because of separation of duties, the user should not approve (complete) second task.

Simply, I need to solve this problem “assign task to Aprrover_Role but not specific user”


Hi Mehmet,

I think you can take one approach where you can apply the condition at back end.
1)You will get user of the 1st task from taskData. Suppose you have captured the userId in variable blackListUser;
2)Now in the complete button of the second task you can check with blackListUser to disable the button itself.
2)when some one try to complete the second task ,first need to check the users.If he is the previous user(blackListUser) then you should not complete the task.

Let see what others opinion on this.

Baharul Islam


thanks for quick response Baharul Islam

This is one way to solve but not the willing way.

I don’t want to send Notification and I don’t want them to see this task in their corresponding inbox.

Mehmet Eksi