Sending out CONTRL message (or FA) with UNA in Header

We have a requirement to send out the FA for EANCOM inbounds from partner. In the CONTRL message the UNA (i.e. Service String Advise) is a mandatory segment required by the partner in the message header section. We have configured the TPA to send out the CONTRL message automatically and this works fine. The only issue is that in the FA sent out by webMethods, there is no UNA segment present. The message starts from UNB+. Could anybody help me understand what configuration change is required to add the UNA segment as well?

check your setting of : UNAmode in the TPA. it’s controlling if sending UNA or not.

Hi, The UNA mode in the TPA is set to ‘Yes’ already but there is still no UNA segment in the CONTRL message. Any further suggestions please?

check in your process, if service: wm.b2b.edi.util:addICEnvelopeEDIFACT is called to generate UNA. If yes, check if the input value: UNARequired populated.
Hope this helps.

Is your partner sending UNA starting in the Inbound EANCOM msg? so that auto-generate FA takes care as you already set UNAmode to Yes.

If not you may have to explicitly generate FA service level via addICEnvelopeEDIFACT as tongwang suggested.


Hi All,
Yes the partner is sending the UNA segment in the message but although the UNAMode is set to True in the TPA, the CONTRL message is not capturing the UNA while sending out the FA.
The other option could be to generate the FA explicitly as you mentioned, but again that would be added effort for all interfaces and a deviation from the framework used in our integrations.

Did you also open SR with SAG tech support and raise,as TPA setting not working as expected? Yes i know with explicit has some work to do time consuming (work around only)


Hi, Yes i did open an SR. SAG is aware of this fault and it seems there is an engineering fix for this. They have already provided the fix to a customer who faced the same issue but SAG will check with that customer again before confirming us that the fix is working.

Uh! It sounds there is a fix available on this issue…thanks for the update! Plz post here once you have the Fix details.