Sending notification to the assignee


I have a question on the functionality offered by CAF and the Task engine.

I have developped several differents tasks in a single ProcessModel.
For each task, I have set one or two notifications (Mainly, the trigger event is set when the task is queued).

I understand fairly well the concept of notification / subcription, but I have a requirement which is not met with this pattern.

My question is :

  • Is it possible to send the notification only to the person to whom I have assigned the task ?

In my case, I have a list of 10 users for the assignment. A service pick one of those users to assign the new task. All the 10 users subscribed to the notification will receive the e-mail. If no one is subscribe to the notification, then no one receive the e-mail (including the one assigned to the task).
How do I set up the task / notification for sending an e-mail only to the assignee of the task and not also to all the potential assignee.

Every user has a valid e-mail configured in MWS (all users are MWS user).
I use webMethods 8 suite.

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It seems that this functionality isn’t supplied out of the box (The notification / subscription pattern do not reply to this particular need).

To achieve this requirement, the use of MWS API to search the role / user and then send e-mails with all the users found seems to be the best way.


Hi Mathieu

Can you please give me detailed directions as to how to configure the notification.

I have tried this by reading the documentation etc…but of no use.

I have been trying to get a mail notification on an event when the task gets queued.

Can you please direct me as to what kind of setting need to be done at the MWS level for the same.

The following things have been done by me in the task:

Created a notification.
Created an event.
Created an assignment.

Please help me with this issue.
Thanks in advance,

Hi Rajesh,

You will need to subscribe to your notification for receiving the e-mail.

The assignee of the task does not receive the notification if he has not subscribed to the notification. And once a user has subscribed to the notification, he will receive all the notification sent even if he is not the assignee of the current task.