Sending email with attachment - Content-Disposition

I am trying to send an email with the image along with the HTML body .
With the help of content-ID , i am able to display the image in the body where as the image should not be displayed as an attachment .
Please let me know how can i change the content-disposition while sending the email

Hi Harinadh,

It would be good and helpful if you have explained or add a snippet of steps that you are following to achieve it- along with this request.
Anyway you can try following steps if these are helpful:

  • Add image at right place in html content
  • convert html content string into byte and then stream
  • add generated stream in attachments[0]/content of smtp service input
  • mention attachments[0]/contenttype as text/html

Verify results if these are helping to achieve it.

Kuldeep Gupta

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