Sending attachment through email

Hi All,

Is there any build in service except pub.client:smtp to send attachment through email.

Thanks in advance,

There might be a custom written Java service. What is wrong with the built-in services and explain your requirements and issues clearly. Use tech community to ask more technical questions and issues you are facing with webMethods and your implementation using it.

I want to send pdf file as attachment through email. I am able to do the same for excel and doc.

For pdf, I am receiving the file through email, however when I try to open it it gives me error “file is not properly decoded”.

I have tried it with encoding and decoding as well, but didn’t work.

Hi Neeraj,

I have gone through your code and noticed that you are performing XSL-T on the XML data. This particular XSL type is sufficient enough when you want to convert your data to Excel or doc (Office formats). But you cannot use the same for PDF.

You should use XSL-FO (formatted objects) to transform your XML data into PDF correctly.