Sending XML as an email using SMTP service

I am generating a Doc containg error report.I need to send it as an attachment using smtp service.Can some body please tell me what should i fill in for content type and file name( the Document is getting populated from different sources ,It was not saved to any location)…Thanks in advance



The content type reflects the type of the data or content of the file that you are attaching, so that it may be handled by an appropriate handler when opened. It depends on the type of file you are attaching, for example:

Simple text file… text/plain
XML file… text/xml
MS Excel file… application/

Filename should be the name that you want the recipient of the mail to see in the attachment. Let’s say you are attaching an xml file that serves the purpose of an error report, you may use Content-Type=‘text/xml’ and the Filename=‘errorReport.xml’

HTH, Rohit

It Works …Thanbks alot Rohit

It Works …Thanks alot Rohit

I have a php redirecting script up and I am trying to send a fillable PDF form. The php script was written to send the information from an HTML form but the PDF form is in xml.

Can I simply change the content id to make it send as xml or no?

I have tried everything I could think of and I am out of options.

Also, if this will not work do you know of a method or script that will allow me to have the pdf file redirected into my personal email?