Sending Email with Attachment

Hi Team,

I need to send PDF file as attachment through email. I am able to send it using pub.cleant:SMTP service. However when I try to open that PDF file it gives error file is not decoded properly. I am passing htmlmailStream as input to the pub.cleant:SMTP. htmlmailStream is obtained from the output of pub.mime:getEnvelopeStream.

Can you please suggest hot to resolve it.

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Could you try passing it base64encoded and while receiving it base64decoded? Use the built in services for base64 encoding and decoding.


What is the content-type you are specifying in the smtp service under data/ or attachments and make sure it is application/PDF and also try with base64 encode/decode as Senthill suggested above.


Hi Senthilkumar,

Thanks for guidance.

While sending, I will encode it. I am not clear about decoding. Once I received this pdf in email after that I do not want any thing to do. It should open as expected. This is our requirement. Can you please make me more clear on when should I decode the content.


Please decode the encoded input ,pass that byte value to the content and use base 64 in encoding in attachments document in smtp service.


Hi Sathyaraj

Still, I am getting the same error. Below is the flow of my code.

  1. I invoked pub.mime:getEnvelopeStream service. It’s output is a stream.
  2. Converted this stream into bytes.
  3. encoded bytes into base64 using service pub.string:base64Encode. It’s output is a string.
  4. Here I am invoking service pub.client:smtp. In attachements\conten, I passed this encoded string, contentType set to application/pdf, file name set to test.pdf and encoding set to base64.

Could you please let me know where I should try to decode it. I tried to decode it using 2-3 scenarios but still getting the same error.

Thanks in advance…!!


Please use the attached sample package which I got from the forum.

Let us know if thats what you needed?

Sathya (6.91 KB)

Hi NB,

I am having the same issue as you had while opening the PDF.

Could you please share how you resolved the issue?


I am facing the same issue,Did you resolve this?